Hussain Zaidi and Vibha Singh

In the crime noir genre of suspense, action-thrillers and whodunits, team Hussain Zaidi & Vibha Singh have created a new format – Faction that straddles the world of facts and fiction in story-telling.

Based on well-researched and investigated real-life incidents, the stories are dramatized and fictionalized to make for a heightened entertaining, engaging and satisfying experience for the audience.

With ‘A Convenient Culprit ‘(Novel by Penguin), Mardaani (Film by Yash Raj Films), two forthcoming films on Zee5 and several production alliances for OTT shows in the pipeline already under their belts, team Hussain Zaidi and Vibha Singh are carving a niche in a much sought after, ravenous category of crime in a credible and unique manner.

Bilal Siddiqi

Bilal Siddiqi is a novelist and screenwriter based in Mumbai. He is the author of The Stardust Affair, The Kiss of Life (co-written with actor Emraan Hashmi) and The Bard of Blood, a spy novel which he wrote when he was nineteen and which was adapted by Red Chillies Entertainment into a Netflix show of the same title.

Bilal was also the creator of this show and worked on the screenplays. The Phoenix is his fourth book. He is currently working on several screenplays for films and shows.

CySpy India

CySpy India is a journalistic endeavour that works towards bringing all news related to cyber-crime in or affecting India on a single platform as well as towards simplifying the concepts, breaking them down into easily understandable terms. We at CySpy India believe that a lot of ignorance or negligence when it comes to cyber security among the end users stems from the difficulties faced in understanding jargon-riddled terms, which is what we try to address while also keeping our readers informed and up to date about the latest developments in cyberspace. Be it analysing the impact of government decisions, explaining advisories by law enforcement agencies or breaking down study reports by civilian experts, CySpy India is your one-stop source for all things cyber.

Blue Salt Media

Blue Salt is the co-publishing imprint between veteran journalist turned author S. Hussain Zaidi and Penguin Random House India. Its aim is to publish quality material that includes well-researched and written fiction and non-fiction. The imprint created a curated list of books with specific focus on genres such as crime, espionage, memoirs and edgy thrillers.